A brighter future for Loem’s family

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A brighter future for Loem’s family

Like so many other people around the world today, Loem lived in an unsafe and unsanitary slum … before friends like you stepped in and changed his life forever.

Slum living in Cambodia was harsh and dangerous for Loem and his wife Van. But finding a new home became an even higher priority when their beautiful four-year-old daughter Bicheka was born.

(Above) Slum conditions in Cambodia

Loem was determined to create a better life for his family. But with half their income already being spent on rent, the dream of affording a new home seemed impossible.

Loem knew that staying in the slums meant little Bicheka would face a bleak future…A lack of clean toilets and sanitary living conditions in slums leaves young girls at high risk of infection and disease.

Long journeys every day to fetch food and water mean girls are often unable to attend school and study, leaving them disempowered and disadvantaged for life.

Slums are informal and not recognised by the government, which means families live with the threat of forced eviction.

Thanks to compassionate supporters like you, Loem and his family secured a new home, and are now experiencing the freedom and hope they always dreamed of.

Bicheka is doing well at school, and Loem and Van are excited about what the future holds.

However, there are still so many families like theirs still struggling day-by-day around the world. Your financial support will help provide more homes for families in need like Loem’s, which will not only give more children like Bicheka a brighter future, it will transform their families for generations to come.

In their new neighbourhood, Loem has been able to start a small business repairing and selling used electrical goods, while Van stays home to take care of Bicheka.

This additional income is helping put Loem’s family on the pathway to financial independence, ensuring they can continue to afford the healthy food and educational supplies needed to set Bicheka up for a life they once thought impossible.

“Having this house provides more consistency and structure for our family. Now that we have our own place, Bicheka is doing well in school. My hope is to see her have a bright future. If she has a great future and is happy, I too will be happy”, says a beaming Loem.

Your donation will be more than just a financial gift, it will be a powerful investment in the lives of children and families who urgently need our help to create a better future.