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Since 2005, Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Arup to make an impact on communities who don’t have access to safe and decent housing. To shape a better world, Arup helps Habitat through its community engagement programme, sponsoring staff every year to participate in our domestic and international volunteering program. Through our mutually beneficial partnership, Habitat benefits from Arup’s skilled workforce and technical expertise in the region.

Partnership Impact

Thanks to Arup’s longstanding partnership, Habitat for Humanity has been able to respond to the shelter needs of over 14,000 people every year in Asia and the Pacific and over 200 each year in Australia. Arup has enabled us to help these families thrive and build their future. Our partnership has not only made a social impact on these families but also on Arup’s staff who feel valued to participate in our volunteering experiences and able to grow personally and professionally.

Capacity Building & Skilled Volunteering

Arup is driven by making a better world. In support of Habitat for Humanity, Arup provides donations, advice and assistance on new builds, rehabilitations and repairs for simple affordable homes in sustainable communities. Arup’s experts assist in building sustainable housing, water and sanitation facilities as well as constructing schools and community facilities. Through a strategic partnership with Arup’s International Development program, Arup and Habitat have collaborated on projects in response to natural disasters in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Fiji and Haiti. Arup’s experts assist in building sustainable housing, water and sanitation facilities as well as construction designs and manuals, evaluations of shelter catalogues.

International Volunteering

The building experience that Arup volunteers have overseas is transformational for many employees at Arup, including Julia Gluchowska who went to Cambodia in 2017, found the build’s cultural exchange to have the biggest impact on both her personal and professional development. Read about her experience here.
Thanks to Arup’s support, we’ve been able to raise over a $100,000 from Arup volunteers heading overseas to build homes and communities for vulnerable families. It has enabled more than 60 families to have access to safe shelter, clean water and healthier and more secure future for their family.a

Domestic Volunteering

Every year, Arup’s employees engage with Habitat’s Brush with Kindness program around Australia, helping us to build and restore homes for vulnerable families and individuals. Arup mobilised teams of skilled and unskilled volunteers onto building sites to assist with home designs and planning.

In South Australia and Victoria, Arup teams help to build homes and give a hand up to families like Jema and Romel. In NSW and Queensland, Arup staff help us to restore and maintain crisis accommodations for women and children escaping domestic violence. Habitat partners with organisations that provide temporary shelter for vulnerable people who are at risk of homelessness.

Bushfire Recovery Volunteering

Earlier in 2020, Arup volunteers participated in responding to the SA Bushfires helping families like Sinclair and Janet recover from the bushfires that ravaged 10m hectares of land and destroyed up to 2,000 homes. Every year during Habitat’s International Women’s Day campaign Homes of Hope, Arup teams sponsor teams to participate in the restoration and maintenance in renovating women’s crisis accommodation and build homes for vulnerable women in Australia since 2017. Here is a video summarising why Arup send teams every year.

Volunteer Expierence

“Volunteering with Habitat’s Homes of Hope International Women’s Day build allowed me to appreciate how small improvements to a women’s crisis accommodation shelter, like a fresh coat of paint, can positively change the living environment and ambiance of the place; beneficial when considering the distressing environments these women and children have faced and the emotional healing journey they are on as victims of abuse.” – Arup Volunteer

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