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Local Village Build, New South Wales

Here you will find everything there is to know about your upcoming build

Please check back frequently as we will be updating this page with new information

Key Dates

All paperwork and signed policies:
Deadline: 24/01/2022
Upload all documents via Your Details Form

Fundraising Contribution
Deadline: 10/02/2022
Return: Personalised fundraising page

Build Week Cost Payment
Payment link circulated: TBC
Payment deadline: 10/02/2022



Check into your accommodation, reinvigorating the local economy. Nestled among leafy canopies, down winding lanes and in lush, leafy towns, you’ll find the boutique hotel or cottage perfect for tucking yourself into a cosy retreat for the night, before the hard work begins. Join the team for a welcome dinner and get to know everyone.



Begin day one with your first partner family either renovating damaged homes or clearing bush fire debris. Unwind in the evening at the hotel and enjoy a glass of wine in a town that prides itself on their vineyards.



You will spend day two with your second partner family either renovating damaged homes or clearing bush fire debris. As the day comes to a close you can relax at the hotel and reflect on what you have achieved as a team over the past two days.



This is a free day where you can either depart home or venture around the Southern Highlands with some fantastic local activities.

Build Week Costs

*please note these are estimations until the budget is confirmed*

These costs cover your accommodation, meals, snacks and transport to and from the build site. For a full breakdown please follow the link below.

The costs are:

Package 1: $370 pp (we book your accommodation)

Package 2: $200 pp (book your own accommodation)

Once the payment link is circulated, this payment is due by 10th February.


Once you have completed the above, fill out online Your Details Form online and attach the above documents before 24th January.

COVID-19 Precautions

Please travel with a face mask and your own bottle of hand sanitiser. If you feel unwell during your local village experience please notify your team leader and isolate in your hotel room. We ask that you regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, cover your sneeze or cough with your arm, not your hands and mantain distance of 1.5m between other volunteers.


You will be staying in the following accommodation, organised by Habitat:

  • TBC

If you are arriving before the Thursday night, or require accommodation from the Sunday onwards you can book additional nights stay at the hotel directly through their website or choose accommodation of your choice.

Please see below for your accommodation allocation. If you selected a twin room and have been allocated a single this is either due to the person you chose to room with has selected a single or there were no other volunteers who requested a twin share.

If you have been allocated a single room and would like to be in a twin room with another volunteer please email us with your chosen roommate (cc’d) and we will allocate you a room together.

Single Room Double Room Twin Room

Arrival and departure

  • Please arrive in Southern Highlands on or before the Thursday afternoon and proceed to check in at the hotel.
  • So you can continue travels or arrange your own activities, accommodation in Southern Highlands on the Sunday night is NOT arranged by Habitat or covered in your build costs. Please arrange your own accommodation on this night.


By Registering to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Australia you have agreed to adhere to our important policies. Please read through these carefully and do contact Katie Loughran, Local Village Coordinator directly should you have any questions. These policies ensure we are doing as much as possible to ensure the safety of our volunteers, staff and the communities we work with.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Child Protection Policy

Photos and Stories Policy

Gift Giving Policy

Cancellation Policy

Travel Insurance

Habitat’s insurance will cover you in the event of emergency medical situations during the build week, however we strongly recommend you take out an additional travel insurance policy to cover you for other occurrences, including cancellation of flights and trip, loss of personal effects and changes to your travel plans.

Vaccinations and Medicine

Unfortunately Habitat for Humanity Australia is unable to provide you with any medical advice as we are not trained professionals. Please see your local GP for advice on vaccinations or any travel medication you may need to take.


Your minimum fundraising requirement is $1,000. Please be sure to reach this minimum amount no later than 10th February. Your fundraising page will remain open until after the build, should you wish to increase your impact by fundraising even more than this!

You do have the option to pay part or all of the donation yourself instead of fundraising through your fundraising page.

For any fundraising ideas, tips or resources please refer to the Volunteer Guide, contact us directly or reach out to other volunteers on the Facebook group page.

Please click here for links to shareable content on your social media accounts


Volunteer Guide

Click on image to open Volunteer Guide pdf

Copy of Local Village Booklet
What to Pack - Local Village

What to pack

Please find here a list of important items to remember:

To reduce our footprint in the communities we work in, we ask all volunteers to bring their own refillable water bottle with them- sometimes even two is helpful on the site, so one can keep cool in the esky while you build.

Habitat SA require long pants and enclosed shoes to be worn at all times on the build site- this is for your safety.

Tip: Go to a second hand store and buy clothes which you won’t mind if/ when they get ruined.

Facebook Group

Please join the Facebook group if you haven’t already done so, and introduce yourself to the rest of the team.