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Buy a Home for a Family in Need

There has never been a more important time to help vulnerable families have access to safe and decent homes. Please support us with the options below:

Meet Poeu

Peou is the mother to daughter Mariya, son Ny and wife to Sam. Peou’s home wasn’t properly sealed leaving the family exposed to rats, insects, and scorpions. Their house was so small that they all didn’t fit in resulting in Peou and her husband Sam sleeping in the kitchen 30 meters away. Peou contracted HIV from her former partner leaving her weak and unable to work. She spends her nights nauseous, worrying and unable to sleep more than 3 hours. Sam works as a pesticide sprayer and rat catcher earning $5 a day. Sadly, Peou’s HIV was passed on to her son Ny who has several cerebral palsy and struggles to walk and communicate properly. Peou’s daughter Mariya is 10 years old and loves school so much she rides her bicycles a far distance every day because they can’t afford the transport costs. Poeu shared: “In our life, we have never known a comfortable time… We have only been through a hard life…When we heard about Habitat I became really excited and nothing can describe my feeling right now… Thank you so much!” Peou’s new home brings them hope for a brighter and better future. 

You can build a better future for families like Peous by buying a home today.