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We offer local volunteering experiences through our home building and Brush with Kindness programs.

Corporate Volunteering Program

The Brush with Kindness program mobilises teams of corporate volunteers to conduct renovations, landscaping, gardening, and minor repairs to the homes of people who may be disadvantaged, disabled, socially isolated or escaping domestic violence. The one-day group activity is an opportunity for your employees, colleagues, or partners to come together and spend time out of the office – no building skills are required! They will enjoy an opportunity to make a life-changing impact in the community for people who are less fortunate, and have some fun getting their hands dirty! During the month of March in recognition of International Women’s Day, we run multiple activities read more here. 

Why Volunteers?

  1. an amazing team-building experience
  2. An opportunity for staff volunteering to meet your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals
  3. The perfect way for your staff to get their hands dirty while making a difference in the community.
  4. Align your company’s values and show commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through our Corporate Volunteering Program, everyone can help people build a better tomorrow, today.

The Program

The program often partners with other not-for-profits to help provide safe and decent shelter to disadvantaged groups. Habitat can deliver full-day activities for teams between 10-15 people within 60 minutes of the Sydney CBD. In Melbourne and Adelaide, teams can expect to take part in building homes for Habitat partner families. Through our Australian Program, we have helped over 1,000 people through Brush with Kindness activities and engaged with more than 10,000 volunteers from both the community and corporate sector.

How We Support Communities

The Brush with Kindness program mobilises teams of volunteers to undertake:

  • Home building
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Landscaping, gardening & clean-ups
  • Painting
  • Minor building projects

Who We Assist

We assist people in NSW, QLD, VIC, and SA who are disadvantaged including:

  • Vulnerable families
  • Women & children escaping domestic violence
  • People with disabilities
  • Indigenous people

Corporate Teams

Corporate partners who frequently support this program include Corelogic, Arup, Morgans Financial, BGIS, Downer Group, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, , JP Morgan, , MetLife,  and Proctor & Gamble. They have all participated in Brush with Kindness activities and continuously report positive staff engagement

Corporate partners use volunteer days as a chance to give back to the community and provide a team-building and leadership development opportunity that rewards and engages employees.

We can book teams with just 6 weeks’ notice and ask for a financial contribution to support the day’s resourcing and ensure the sustainability of our programs. We invite corporates to talk to us for any further enquiries. Corporate sponsors can also support our work through financial sponsorship and donated or discounted building materials. What corporates say

“We were grateful for the opportunity to lend a hand to women and children who are doing it tough. It was hard work, but it was a good feeling to see results at the end of the day and know we were making a difference.”

What Corporates say

“We were grateful for the opportunity to lend a hand to women and children who are doing it tough. It was hard work, but it was a good feeling to see results at the end of the day and know we were making a difference.”

The Boral team in QLD

What Corporates Volunteers say

“Volunteering with Habitat’s International Women’s Day build allowed me to appreciate how small improvements to a women’s crisis accommodation shelter, like a fresh coat of paint, can positively change the living environment and ambience of the place; beneficial when considering the distressing environments these women and children have faced and the emotional healing journey they are on as victims of abuse.”

– Arup Volunteer

How to Book an Activity?

8 to 12 weeks prior | Habitat will promote special events or provide BWK availability

4 to 6 weeks prior | Corporate to confirm BWK activity date and number of volunteers with Habitat

4 weeks before activity| Habitat will send an invoice to be paid 4 weeks from the activity

1 to 2 weeks prior | Habitat will send a Pre Activity Brief with project details, clothing and footwear requirements, location, Work Health and Safety, etc

1 week prior | Volunteers to complete the online WHS induction

1-2 weeks post activity | Post Activity report with photos sent to Corporate

Find Out More

If you would like to learn more about corporate volunteering for your organisation, please contact our Head of Partnerships,  Zoe Nelson-Carey on (02) 9919 7022 or

Watch our Corporate Volunteering Video