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We value all our partners and work closely with them to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Corporate partnerships can make a deep impact in the lives of thousands of communities across the Asia Pacific.
Increasingly, stakeholders, employees and customers call for organisations to conduct their business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner while generating profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility and human resources’ initiatives build staff engagement, strengthen a company’s ties with communities and provide longevity through sustainable business practices. We also believe that we can achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030 by partnering with organisations who want to make a meaningful and lasting difference.

At Habitat, we are committed to partnering with corporate supporters to achieve the following SDGs

Habitat for Humanity Australia is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and aims to partner with organisations who equally want to achieve these goals.

Ways to partner with us

At Habitat, we offer partnerships that bring value to both organisations that allow communities to become strong, stable and self-reliant through housing, water and sanitation. We invite you to become a partner by supporting a theme that aligns with your brand, your values and business goals.

Urban housing partner

Urbanisation is both one of the greatest development challenges and opportunities facing the world today. Partner with us to provide housing solutions to families in need.

Water and sanitation partner

Support our projects that provide clean water and sanitation to communities in the Asia Pacific.

Disaster risk reduction partner

Help strengthen a community’s ability to withstand and manage disasters by working with them to identify vulnerabilities, and then supporting them to make simple improvements such as strengthening house structures, reducing fire risks, and having evacuation plans in place.

Australian housing partner

Housing affordability is a national issue and is growing in its impact across all parts of society. Your support will help low income Australians achieve the dream of owning a home to call their own.

Other ways that corporate organisations  can support our life-changing work:

  • Become a Home for a Home Partner ideal for home builders, developers and real estate agents
    Percentage of sale
  • Cause-related marketing campaigns
  • Brush with Kindness local volunteering teams
  • Global Village international volunteering teams
  • Workplace Giving pre tax donations
  • Office fundraisers
  • In-kind support/ material donations to local Habitat Affiliates

Partner with us

Contact our Head of Partnerships, Lara Warren, on 1800 88 55 99 or email for more information.

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