Japardi, one year later

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Japardi, one year later

In October 2016, volunteers from Rock the House build Japardi a new home.

Previously, Japardi’s home had been in his family for the past 70 years. His parents had built the house, and Japardi envisioned passing it down to his children one day.

However, Japardi and wife, Parayuti hoped to renovate the old wood and bamboo home for their five children so they could have a better place to live.

“The roof would leak when it rained and the bed would get soaked,” said Japardi. “The floor was also muddy and many things were ruined by the rain.”

But with both Japardi and Parayuti earning roughly $8 a day as farmers, the dream of having a safe home slowly started to fade away.

In fact, times were so tough, they had to make the heartbreaking decision to pull their eldest daughter out of school so she could help support the family.

More than a year later, Japardi tells Habitat how their new home has changed their lives.

“Our first house was made from bamboo and was not safe for the family. Now the house is warm and is in a better condition. We have a hope that the children’s lives will be better because of this home. Now there are no problems with the house, we can focus on other things – we are focusing on saving for the children’s futures and education.”

A safe and decent home gives people the opportunity to be healthier, happier and more secure and for children to be better nourished and better educated.

Thanks to your support, Japardi and his family have real hope for the future.

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