Mai’s story

Mai’s story

For Mai, life changed dramatically for the better when her new house was completed in July 2017.

Before this, Mai, who is married with two daughters aged four and 18 months old, had been living in cramped rental accommodation nearby. She and her husband, who only have seasonal work in the construction industry which means that they have been unable to save sufficient money to build their own home.

Fortunately, Mai’s in-laws provided some land, and Habitat gave the family a partial grant and low-interest loan, to be re-paid over a period of three years, to supplement what savings they had. Mai’s husband was able to do much of the construction himself which also helped to keep costs down. Thanks to your supporters like you Habitat was able to provide a loan to make their home a reality.

As well as security Mai says that the biggest change for the family is that they now have space for their growing family with a clean tiled living area where the girls can play.

“I’m very satisfied with my new house,” said Mai, “I couldn’t expect anything more!”

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