A place to call home

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A place to call home

Meet John and Johanna – the 58th family to receive a Habitat for Humanity home in Victoria.
John and Johanna are one of ten families who have moved into the Yea Heights Estate as part of Habitat Victoria’s major affordable housing project.

When John and Johanna moved back to Australia after caring for John’s terminally ill father in New York, they didn’t arrive back to what they had expected. A mixture of problems with a family member who had hoarding tendencies and a lack of work soon found them living in a small bedroom, without access to the rest of the house.

Their living situation did nothing to improve Johanna’s health problems. Johanna suffers from a congenital heart condition and requires more sleep than the average person. Living in a small
space, next to a noisy park meant it was difficult for Johanna to rest. In addition, with Johanna completing full time study and John facing visa implications, finding work became difficult and the pair found themselves in need of assistance.

Thankfully, with the help of Habitat for Humanity, the couple have been given a fresh start. “You lose parts of yourself when you don’t have space of your own,” says John. “The biggest relief is knowing that Johanna will be able to have a better shot at health.”

The couple are already seeing positive change since moving in two months ago. Johanna’s health has improved and John has found meaningful and ongoing work. “I already see a change in Johanna – a vibrancy and vitality from getting far better rest in a clean and beautiful environment,” said John.