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Here's a peak of how some of our Rock the House 2016 families are doing two years after moving into their new homes. We can't wait to return again and help another 12 families build safe and decent homes for Rock the House 3!

For the first time ever, Rock the House is going multi-national. From the 6th – 13th October 2018, join a team of like-minded Australians on the ground in both Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Siem Reap, Cambodia.


“Now that we have a new home, we are working for a better income – maybe we can save for our daughter but also to extend the house. We don’t worry anymore about finding somewhere to live. Now we have a house, we can do anything. Our priority is to improve our quality of life. We are so proud and now have confidence – it has increased our dignity.”


“Our first house was made from bamboo and was not safe for the family. Now the house is warm and is in a better condition. We have a hope that the children’s lives will be better because of this home. Now there are no problems with the house, we can focus on other things – we are focusing on saving for the children’s futures and education.”


“I am so happy. I’ve been married for 9 years but we’ve never lived in a home good enough for a family. Our first house was cold, with a dirt floor and very uncomfortable. Our son is now 6 years old – with this support, his life will be so much better, and our lives will get better. I am so happy…“I still remember the volunteers– I’m sending my prayers to them, and I thank them so much for their support. I still keep a photo of them in my house.”


“My old house was made from bamboo, it was so old, but after I received a new house, my life is totally different. I am thankful to God that I am still alive to see this house. I wish my husband was still alive to see the conditions I am now living in. I can’t believe it.”…Please come and visit me! I’m praying for the volunteers’ health. I hope that you will continue helping other families and other people like me. You have changed my life.”


“Our lives have changed so much. We are no longer living with my parents, we feel independent and we have enough space for our young family. We are able to grow and start living happily and comfortably. We are hoping that our situation will continue to improve – we are saving and we hope that will go towards education, and maybe even towards owning my own barbershop one day. This house has given my family a new start at a better life.”


“Our house was not safe before, it was made from old materials and was so uncomfortable and unsafe. This program has changed everything – the new home is so much better! The structure is much sturdier, the floor is not just a dirt floor but is tiled and the roof doesn’t have any more holes. Everything is so much better now. Not only that, the house is not only a place for sleeping, but is now used as a community gathering area. We are so proud to have this house. It is more than we could have imagined.”


“We are so happy to have a new house, and to live somewhere that’s safe for our family. We love our home so much, we are so happy to come home at the end of the day. We actually miss being at home during the day! We are so proud to own a house like this, we are so happy. It’s more than we could have dreamt of. We are so grateful to the volunteers, they have changed our lives.”


“I got a new life here, my daughter is so happy and that’s what is most important to me. The house used to flood when it would rain. Now we have a new house, we feel safe and comfortable. We are very happy.”

Yoso Utomo

“Our house is so much better than the old one! We are so happy here, our lives are so much better! We hope to add a water tank so we can have clean water for the family. We will also add an extension to the house so we can have more guests. We feel so proud of the house we have. We are so happy to be able to support our family. We send our prayers to the volunteers; they are welcome into our home any time they wish to visit. We cannot say thank you enough – thank you is not enough. We are so grateful and we will always remember them.”


“My house was in such a bad condition before,  I could never have even dreamed or imagined having a new house like this one. The new home is so much better, because it’s safe from animals and creatures coming in at night. In fact, not only animals would come into my house, but rain and wind, heat and insects. My life is so much better now; I am happy and healthy and have something I can be proud of. I am an old woman, I’m 93 years old – I am no one and people from the other side of the world have helped me to feel like I am special, that I am someone.”


“We are totally happy – our first house was totally different. Water leaked in every time it rained, we never felt secure. It really affected my daughters, as they weren’t able to study. There were too many distractions, like the wind whistling through the house, or the rain coming in. We keep a photo to remind us of how we used to live and how we live now. The circulation is so much better, there is light in the house, it is clean and safe. Now I feel like my daughters will live better and happier lives. My wife didn’t know about the house (she is working in Malaysia), she was so surprised when she found out. She was working in Malaysia so we could save for a better house, but now we have one! Now her income will go towards education costs and food for our children. The future of our children is the most important thing for us.”


“Our living conditions are so much better, we are so much happier now and we feel as though our lives have improved so much. We are safer here and are protected from the rain and from animals and insects coming into our house. We are so grateful for this. Our lives are so much better now. We hope to extend the house, and to save to add more rooms and maybe more furniture. We hope our daughter will come back to live with us. We are so happy with our lives now, this is already more than we could have hoped for. Thank you to the volunteers. We will never forget them. The team photo is hanging on the wall next to the photos of our family members, they mean so much to us, they are just like family.”