Thuan’s story

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Thuan’s story

Thuan, her brother and his four daughters live in a remote village in Vietnam, where access to improved water and sanitation facilities is a crucial need.

Previously, the family’s only form of sanitation was a basic pit toilet with a wooden slab. Not only did their toilet smell, but it was also unsanitary and unable to support the needs of a family of seven. However, as low-income earners, Thuan’s family could not afford to build a new toilet.

Thanks to your support, Thuan and her family were able to apply for a loan to build a bathroom with two toilets. The bathroom is hygienic, and constructed from durable materials which means that it can withstand the storms and typhoons that frequently impact this part of Central Vietnam.

In addition, the new toilet will bring added comfort and safety to their lives. Before, they struggled with having to bathe outside, as their toilet was open and without privacy.

Through the loan with Habitat, they are able to pay back the loan gradually over a period of three years. The loan repayments will go into a revolving fund, which allows other families to access similar loans.

Now, Thuan and her family have a healthier and more secure future to look forward to.

Habitat for Humanity Australia is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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