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Habitat for Humanity has been built on a foundation of faith. Our mission is to build safe, affordable housing around the world by putting God's love into action.

The tangible experiences that Habitat for Humanity provides allow you to engage those around you, live your faith and offer a unique opportunity to love your neighbour.

No experience is necessary to volunteer, and all faith groups are welcome. We will teach you everything you need to know on the build site, and there are a variety of tasks to suit all levels of skill and ability.

Volunteering together provides a way for your faith group to have fun together while pursuing a common goal.

Together, your church and Habitat for Humanity, can serve the needs of families facing these crippling effects of poverty as well as the inadequate affordable housing options here in Australia and help build both homes and new lives. Our belief is that by working together we can renew urban communities physically, socially and spiritually.

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Meet our Volunteers

Volunteer Dave | Brush with Kindness

For R U OK Day a group of volunteers went out on a community volunteer day to paint a women’s transitional shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence. Dave is one of the volunteers we interviewed on the day. Dave has been a volunteer with Habitat for about four years now having participated in […]

Volunteer Kavana | Bushfire Recovery

The very hands-on nature of Habitat NSW’s Bushfire Recovery Programme has been an unexpected pleasure for volunteer Kavanar, who is an architect and town planner. “I have more experience at providing plans than actual hands on work,” she says. “But I love it.  Gathering all the fallen branches and then burning them, and seeing the […]