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Here you will find all resources, documentation and policies we provide for our volunteers

Please complete your Local Village paperwork

Please upload both your Police Check, Child Protection Form and Waiver to the ‘Your Details Form’ once completed. We need to record your emergency contacts, dietary requirements and medical needs to ensure your safety on the build.

By Registering to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Australia you have agreed to adhere to our important policies. Please read through these carefully and do contact Katie Loughran, Global Village Coordinator directly should you have any questions.These policies ensure we are doing as much as possible to ensure the safety of our volunteers, staff and the communities we work with.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Child Protection Policy

Photos and Stories Policy

Gift Giving Policy

Cancellation Policy

Habitat’s insurance will cover you in the event of emergency medical situations during the build week, however we strongly recommend you take out an additional travel insurance policy to cover you for other occurrences, including cancellation of flights and trip, loss of personal effects and changes to your travel plans.

Unfortunately Habitat for Humanity Australia is unable to provide you with any medical advice as we are not trained professionals. Please see your local GP for advice on vaccinations or any travel medication you may need to take.



Click image to open Volunteer Guide pdf

Copy of Local Village Booklet
What to Pack - Local Village


Coming soon: What to expect during the build week

Coming soon: Representing Habitat for Humanity on Your Build


Coming soon: What to expect during the build week

Coming soon: Representing Habitat for Humanity on Your Build

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You can also call the Global Village team on 1800 88 55 99 or email volunteer@habitat.org.au if you need further assistance with your documentation or help understanding our policies.