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Global Village volunteer teams travel to, and build homes in a number of countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Find out more about the countries we build in and upcoming volunteering opportunities below.


Cambodia is a vibrant country with a rich and tragic history. From the ancient wonders of the Khmer Empire to the modern horrors of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, there is so much to explore and learn in Cambodia.


Vietnam is a dynamic country that is developing at an astonishing pace. In recent years Vietnam’s economic growth and reductions in poverty have impressed the international community, with the rate of poverty falling from 60 percent to around 20 percent in the last 20 years.


Although Nepal is home to an estimated 61 ethnic groups with 125 different languages, the country’s overall structure is dominated by Hinduism and a highly rigid caste system. Members of lower castes, women and ethnic minorities are among the most vulnerable groups in Nepalese society.


Fiji is much more than idyllic palm trees and white sand. Blessed with rich forest, mineral and fishing resources, Fiji is one of the most developed Pacific Island economies and serves as a hub for many small island nations in the region.


Indonesia is a nation renowned for its cultural diversity. A vast archipelago, it is comprised of some 17,000 islands and is home to over three hundred ethnic and religious groups.


The vast subcontinent of India is unlike anywhere else in the world. There are the instantly recognisable sites – the Taj Mahal, the Ganges flowing through the sacred city of Varanasi, the colourful architecture of Jaipur – that are understandable tourist favourites.