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Terms and Conditions

By entering into these Terms and Conditions, I agree to participate in Habitat for Humanity Australia’s Community Volunteering program to give support to people in need. By completing the registration form and volunteering onsite, I agree to abide by all the below listed policies and codes set forth by Habitat for Humanity Australia.

All volunteers are expected to:

  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of the clients and fellow volunteers

  • Advise the supervisor of any constraints to your capability

  • Be punctual and reliable

  • Carry out the duties allocated by your supervisor that are within your capability

  • Be accountable for your behaviour and the work you do

  • Give notice if your availability changes or if you have to leave the site for any reason

  • Complete tasks in a safe and efficient manner

  • Report any injuries or hazards to the supervisor that you notice at the site

  • Make and/or deal with complaints in a respectful and appropriate manner via the supervisor

  • Undertake training as requested

  • Ask for support when needed

  • Support other team members

  • The minimum age for volunteering independently in the domestic program is 18 years of age. However, if you have a child over 16 years then they may accompany a parent or legal guardian as a volunteer. Both need to be fully registered on our Portal.

Policies and Codes

Child Protection Policy

Please read the document here. Volunteers are required to read this document and agree to abide to this policy onsite.


Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy

Please read the policy here. This policy sets out HFHA’s approach to preventing sexual exploitation and abuse. It sets out the principles upon which we will base our decision making and actions, our expectations of all who represent HFHA, how HFHA will assess risk and ensure proper conduct at all times, our commitments to ensure effective action is taken if problems occur.

You can call the Volunteering team on 1800 88 55 99 or email volunteer@habitat.org.au if you need further assistance understanding our policies or minimum requirements.