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At Habitat for Humanity, we believe in a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

We work in partnership with families to build or improve a place they can call home. Access to safe housing provides more than a roof overhead. It means safety and security. It offers children a space to study, is instrumental in improving the health and wellbeing of families, acts as a base to start a thriving home enterprise and provides a solid foundation to break the cycle of poverty.

The building of safe and decent homes forms part of our broader community development program that also addresses disaster risk reduction, water, sanitation and hygiene, urban development, land tenure, market development and advocacy.

In Australia, our domestic programs are delivered through our state partners and focus on helping vulnerable families access affordable housing solutions.

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In Samdach Village, Battambang province, Mr Huch Houet was supporting himself and eight family members on the meagre income gained by labouring and picking paddy in the nearby fields during the harvest season. The 30-50 USD he earned a month did not cover the food needed for the family, and certainly did not go far […]

Everyhand builds strength and stability | Clean hands and a new Classroom

In partnership with DFAT’s (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) Australian NGO Cooperation Progam (ANCP), our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, and with the support of ANSA Homes we are improving health and hygiene for students in Cambodia. Health and hygiene education can only be achieved if children have a safe and sturdy classroom […]

Everyone can make a difference | Using solar energy to improve safety in Cambodia

In partnership with DFAT’s (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) Australian NGO Cooperation Progam (ANCP) and our partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, we are using reliable energy from the sun to improve safety and wellbeing in Cambodia. Safety and security, along with an improved sense of wellbeing, have returned to the streets of a small […]