Program Partners

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We partner with a diverse range of organisations to help implement our projects. Together, we lift more families out of poverty and build brighter futures.

Our program partners

Our implementing partners include community-based organisations, non-government organisations, other Habitat for Humanity affiliates, academic institutions, government agencies and private companies. They may be local, national, regional or global in scope, and share the goal of a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Meet our program partners:

  • Cambodia
    Habitat for Humanity Cambodia
    Capacity Building for Disability Cooperation (CABDICO)
    Mary Knoll (MAK)
    Community Care First Organisation (CCFO)
    HelpAge Cambodia (HAC)
    Operations Enfants du Cambodge (OEC)
    Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC)
    Village Support Group (VSG)
  • Vietnam
    Habitat for Humanity Vietnam
    Quang Nam Union Friendship Organization
    Phu Ninh district People’s Committee
    Phu Ninh district Women’s Union
    Dong Thap Union of Friendship Organization
    Cao Lanh People’s Committee
    Cao Lanh Women’s Union
    Cao Lanh Center of Flood and Storm Control
  • Nepal
    Habitat for Humanity Nepal
    Rural Women’s Development Centre
    Sahara Nepal
    Aviyan Nepal
    Bibekshil Mahila Agriculture Cooperative Ltd
    Nari Chetana Agriculture Cooperative Ltd
    Jeevan Bikas Samaj
    Forum for Rural Women Ardency Development
    SOS Children’s Village, Sunsari
    Mahuli Community Development Center
    Srijana Community Development Center
  • Fiji
    Habitat for Humanity Fiji
  • Myanmar
    Habitat for Humanity Myanmar
    YMCA Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
    Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh