Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery

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Over the last few decades, the world has witnessed a sharp increase in the frequency and severity of disasters.

Sadly, this trend is set to continue as a result of growing population pressures, unplanned urbanisation, climate change and environmental degradation.

Poor communities in developing countries are disproportionately affected by disasters which leave people impacted even more vulnerable to future shocks. When disasters strike, schools close, livelihoods are destroyed and community infrastructure is damaged. Families living in poorly built, unsafe housing must also invest time and money to repair or rebuild, depleting their meagre savings and setting them back from moving out of poverty.

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At Habitat for Humanity Australia, we partner with communities across the Asia Pacific region to identify vulnerabilities and enhance their capacity to adapt to risks in their local environment, so they can better withstand and prepare for disasters.

This includes training communities on how to prepare for and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, such as flooding and storms, or making upgrades to infrastructure and housing to better withstand such conditions.

When disaster strikes, we are also prepared to respond. After a disaster, we provide emergency relief, as well as ongoing recovery and rehabilitation programming. Our work is long term and focuses on building back better so that houses are more resilient to withstand future disasters.

Where we work


We are facilitating “Build Back Safer” training to empower vulnerable communities to build disaster resilient homes and improve infrastructure.
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In Eastern Nepal, we are working with communities to improve their ability to respond to, and mitigate the effects of, disaster through training, community planning and construction of resilient housing.
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Disaster preparedness training, including evacuation simulations and swimming lessons for children, are reducing the hazards faced during flooding and typhoons common to the country.
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Meet Alusio

Alusio, a former village headman, works with Habitat for Humanity in Fiji, training community members to build disaster resilient homes post-Cyclone Winston.

“I enjoy teaching my participants. It feels good to share knowledge and to be able to do something proactive to help communities in need. We have noticed that through this rehabilitation effort, people feel motivated and inspired to move on in life. They feel that something is happening and it mentally prepares them to start picking up the pieces to make a fresh start.”

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Home is where the start is

At Habitat for Humanity Australia, we believe a stable, secure home creates the foundation for change. Your support is critical to ensuring every family has a safe place to call home.