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Rapid migration from rural to urban centres creates a need for over 25,000 new dwellings a day. Two-thirds of these are needed for low-income earners, along with an additional 250 km of roads, associated basic services and over 65,000 new jobs.

This housing shortage contributes to growing informal slum settlements worldwide. As these numbers continue to increase, governments are unable to keep up with the demand for land, housing and essential services. As a result, slum dwellers often end up paying more for less reliable and lower quality amenities from private suppliers, and living on marginal land which is more vulnerable to natural hazards such as flooding.

Without any formal ownership over the land on which they live or ability to access formal financing, poor families struggle to invest in long-term improvements to their homes and find themselves stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Habitat for Humanity Australia’s urban programming takes a community-driven approach to the planning and implementation of slum upgrading, addressing access to services, disaster risks, land tenure security and organising and empowering communities to advocate for the services they need.

Where we work


Slum upgrading and mapping programs are underway in Dhaka to improve living conditions for urban populations. Programming also supports communities to access improved water, sanitation and drainage.
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Urban programming in the Dala township outside Yangon is empowering community members by providing access to essential services.
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Meet a Habitat partner

Urban programming in Myanmar is mobilising people like Myint to play a role in making their community more resilient through improving access to essential services.

Through this initiative, female-led groups with functioning savings and loan schemes have been created to reduce dependency on outside money lenders. Members, including Myint, contribute to the savings group and can access loans with low interest to invest in their livelihood or repair their home.

These groups hold regular meetings and play a critical role in organising the community, and representing and advocating for the needs of women in the slum.

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Home is where the start is

At Habitat for Humanity Australia, we believe a stable, secure home creates the foundation for change. Your support is critical to ensuring every family has a safe place to call home.