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A holistic approach to housing, including safe and reliable access to water and sanitation, is critical to addressing the many challenges faced by the families and
communities we serve.


663 million people

lack access to safe drinking water

2.5 billion

lack adequate sanitation

Through water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives, Habitat for Humanity Australia has helped thousands of families. Access to clean water and sanitation reduces instances of illness and also saves households time and money. The result is healthier and stronger communities and brighter futures.

Our work supports communities to access improved water and sanitation through building toilets and wells, installing drainage and waste management systems, providing water treatment facilities and facilitating hygiene behavioural training.

Where we work


In Bangladesh we are establishing community committees to oversee the construction and maintenance of toilets and wells, while also training schools and communities on hygiene practices.
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Along with safe housing, we are providing vulnerable families access to clean water, improved sanitation and health and hygiene training.
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In Central and Southern Vietnam, we are working with families to build toilets, provide access to clean water and undertake valuable training on health and hygiene.
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As part of urban programming in Myanmar, we are working to provide access to safe water supplies and handwashing facilities in schools, and improve community water and sanitation.
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Meet Zakir

In Bangladesh, local water and sanitation committees have been established to improve community hygiene practices. After receiving training with Habitat for Humanity, Zakir, the head of one of the committees, went door to door and organised community meetings to educate others on the importance of good hygiene and the need to eradicate the practice of open defecation. Thanks to committees like Zakir’s, nine communities in the area have been declared open defecation free.

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Home is where the start is

At Habitat for Humanity Australia, we believe a stable, secure home creates the foundation for change. Your support is critical to ensuring every family has a safe place to call home.