Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

"A world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live."

Our Mission

To demonstrate God’s love in action by mobilising partner families, volunteers and corporate partners to provide appropriate housing solutions in sustainable communities. At Habitat for Humanity Australia, we believe a decent home provides much more than bricks and mortar. It’s the foundation for the future, giving families the opportunity to be healthier, happier and more secure, and leads to stronger communities that can grow and sustain themselves.

Our Core Principles


1. Demonstrate Christian faith in action

We believe that faith is lived through action. Building on our Christian foundation, we serve and work with people of all faiths and beliefs in a spirit of justice and compassion.


2. Advocate on behalf of those in need of decent shelter

We believe living in substandard shelter is socially, morally and spiritually unacceptable. It is incumbent upon us to put decent shelter in the hearts and minds of everyone.


3. Focus on shelter by building and renovating simple, decent affordable houses

We believe that access to safe, decent and affordable housing is a basic human right and should be available to all.

Engage broader community...

4. Engage broader community through inclusive leadership and diverse partnerships

We believe there is a role for everyone committed to our vision, mission and values and we seek to enrich our organisation through diversity. We can best achieve our mission through meaningful and mutually-beneficial partnerships with others.

Promote dignity through...

5. Promote dignity through full partnership with Habitat home owners and future home partners

We believe in the worth and dignity of every human being. We respect the people we serve and those that help us in this effort and recognise them as our greatest resource.


6. Promote transformational and sustainable community development

We believe that promoting sustainable community development outcomes transforms the lives of those in need of decent homes, and the hearts and minds of everyone along the way.