Parjono’s story

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Parjono’s story

“We are still so excited and can’t believe we have a new house! It is unbelievable … it is not easy to realise how life can change in a short moment” – Parjono, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Parjono and Darti and their daughters are adapting to their new home, after ten years living with Parjono’s in-laws and their family in sub-standard housing. They had always dreamed of having a home that would provide safe and decent shelter for their children, but on their income it was impossible. Parjono tells their story:

“My name is Parjono and for over 10 years, my wife Darti, our two daughters Silfia and Arifa and I have been living with our in-laws in substandard housing.

I am the sole income earner for our family, working in a clothing factory with an income of 1.6 million IDR per month ($153 per month). My wife looks after our children full time. For more than 10 years, we have dreamt of living in our own home because our parents have a large family. Our economic condition is constrained and has limited us in the past as most of my income covered our daily living costs and our daughter’s schooling costs.

Once, we heard the news from our local chief that Habitat would be selecting families for a building program, we were both hopeful and applied. Several months later, Habitat conducted a survey of our house and we were identified as a family in need.

We were very grateful to be selected and to realise that our dream would come true for our family. We were also excited to welcome a volunteer team from Australia to help us build our home. We felt so happy yet a little apprehensive of how we could communicate with the volunteers.

We are still so excited and can’t believe that we have a new house! We know that it was impossible to build a home without the volunteers. They were very kind and generous, beyond my imagination. They worked hard every day in a very limited situation. We miss having them here with us, although sometimes we couldn’t understand what they said. But I am very sure that my family is lucky to have this blessing. Our house is complete now. It is very strong because I know how the volunteers made sure of everything when they built this house. The wall is very hard…I had tried to hang the picture of the volunteers…it’s not easy to put a nail into it….

We stay in the house every day from the morning until evening…because as a Javanese we still wait for the right moment to move into the new house…because of the tradition…but my kids are very happy to play and sleep in the new house… They help us to make the house ready when the time is come.

It is not easy to realise how life can change  in a short moment…because we know we can not build this house without Habitat and our new friends…the volunteers from Australia…. Thank you very much… We can only pray that God will give them the best thing in their life also and hopefully Habitat will still do this good work.”