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What is Home for a Home?

Home for a Home is a program for Australian home builders, property developers and real-estate agents to be able to provide transformational change to vulnerable families across the Asia and Pacific region. With every home sold in Australia companies have the power to build a home for an entire family in need of housing. On average, we can build homes for $3,000 in the Asia and Pacific region. You can also donate a percentage of sale towards helping us build homes for vulnerable families in Australia and helping us clean up properties affected by the recent bushfires.

Why support Home for a Home?

Increasingly, companies are looking for ways to connect with their customers and make a meaningful social impact. Through this partnership model, your company and clients can be a part of something bigger and make a tangible difference on the ground. With the sale of each home in Australia, Habitat will be able to build a home for a family in countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia. You can also donate towards our Australian Program, let us know your preference.

Partnership benefits

-Bi-annual impact reports with family stories
-Marketing Opportunities
-Volunteering overseas as a team with colleagues, clients and customers
-Branding online, newsletters, and events
-Thank you cards to your new homesowners
-Place invites to networking event
-Invite to networking events

Current Partners

ANSA Homes entered a partnership in 2018 and was instrumental in initiating the Home for a Home Fund. During a company brainstorming session, the owners and employees decided that their values and beliefs to giving back to those less fortunate was essential in building a genuine company.

“We were fine tuning our mission statement, reflecting on our core values looking at why we do what we do,” says Bryan Henderson, ANSA’s Project Manager, “and we realised that they coincided with those of Habitat for Humanity. It comes down to the fact that we believe everyone deserves to have a good home.”

He said that whilst business success was important “what motivates us has to be more than profit.”

Since 2018, ANSA has helped us build over 60 homes throughout the Asia and Pacific region for families like Mrs Sang and her family below.

Families impacted

After the passing of her husband, Morn struggled to pay the $25 a month rent to stay in the Cambodian slum where she raised her daughter, Sona. In order to provide for her daughter, Morn found a job in the city working at a recycling shop.

“What concerned me the most was that I had to leave my young daughter at our rented house. I could not bring her with me because she had to study and I did not want her to end up like me. My neighbours were taking care of her, however I still felt uneasy and worried about her safety. I tried my best to check on her, but if I missed work, I did not earn anything for my family,” Morn said.

Thanks to our supporters, Morn has been able to build a safe, new home. No longer needing to pay expensive rent, she has been able to return to her community to live with her daughter.

Ways to Partner

For home builders and property developers: For every home that you build and sell, $3,000 will be donated to Habitat to build a homes for a family in need in the Asia and Pacific region. A minimum of 7 homes over 12 months is required in order to receive the partnership benefits.

For real-estate agents: For every sale of a home, 0.1% or $3,000 is contributed towards the Home for a Home Fund. A minimum of $20,000 is required in order to receive the partnership benefits.

Contribute towards our Home for a Home Fund: Donate towards our Home for a Home Fund to help us build more homes for vulnerable families. 

Partner with us

Contact our Head of Partnerships, Zoe Nelson-Carey, on 02 9919 7022 or email znelsoncarey@habitat.org.au for more information.

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